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Kid Activism Toolkit

Democracy isn’t just for grown ups. After all, kids are citizens, too!  That’s why KidzVuz has joined forced with Feed Our Democracy to create this Kids Are Activists Too! Toolkit.  Here, you’ll find resources to get your kids started along the path of actively participating in the democratic process. Kids can’t vote…yet,  But kid activists have the ability to be heard, to influence others, and to make a difference.  This year alone, thousands of kids showed up for the March For Our Lives and The National School Walkout – both initiatives, incidentally, organized by kids. Being activists doesn’t mean your kids have to be political; kids can be active in helping those less fortunate, helping out after national disasters, or raising awareness about a cause that matters to them like the environment, literacy, or homelessness. Getting your kids used to being active in political and social movements now is a great way to make sure they group up to be productive, compassionate adults. Kids are activists too! For the Littlest Ones: It’s never too early to start encouraging and developing empathy in your kids.  Here are some simple ideas for even the youngest kids. Home Visits. Do you have any older […]
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