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Case Study: Dr. Seuss Halloween Campaign

A Coordinated Social Media, Blog, and Kid Video Campaign KidzVuz’ coordinated social media campaign across the social media landscape reached nearly a million kids, and sent tens of thousands to the product homepages. So how did we do it? Every kid is different. But I defy you to find a kid who doesn’t love two things: Dr. Seuss and Halloween. This Halloween, Dr. Seuss wanted to help its licensees promote and build brand awareness of their officially licensed Halloween Costumes. They turned to KidzVuz to create a campaign just in time for Halloween. Seuss selected Spirit Halloween, elope and Party City for this initiative. KidzVuz KidzVuz mobilized both parent bloggers from our extensive network and our own kid creators to utilize the power of the entire influencer family. Though a combination of Kid-Created videos and Mom Blog posts about the costumes, we created a campaign that exemplified one of our all-time favorite KidzVuz maxims: “You can’t fake that kind of authenticity.” KidzVuz Kid Creators created six videos – two for each licensee – featuring kids wearing and modeling the costumes. We then placed all of those videos on Amazon, Amazon Fire, and Amazon Mobile, where they appear above the written […]
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Get the Most from Your Marketing by Repurposing Your Kid Creator Video

Aug 23, 2017 by Rebecca Levey Comments: 0 Tags: Kid Influencer

Take advantage of the many simple and smart ways to repurpose your video. Question: Say you have great kid-made video, where do you put it? Answer: In as many places as possible.  If you have content that resonates, you want it where everyone who could directly or indirectly be part of the purchase process or anyone affiliated with your product or company will find it. Don’t just rely on it being on your Amazon or company product page or hoping it gets shared by someone surfing YouTube. You share it. Get creative. Put it on your company’s YouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social outlets. Break down a long video into short videos and lead viewers to see the whole video on YouTube or your website. Put it on your website as a blog post or a featured video. If you sell product on your site, put it as part of your product description. If you have a series of videos, create a separate YouTube channel or make a page on your website, and then promote them on social media, emails, and newsletters. If you have several influencer videos, you can splice them together to showcase the product if all […]
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