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  • Gen Z loves their mobile devices

    Why You Need to Understand Gen Z

    Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage. Now all the world’s a screen. Hello Gen Z!

    To successfully reach Gen Z, you need to understand Gen Z.

    Just who is Gen Z?

    Well, there is no hard and fast definition as there is with the Baby Boomer generation. Some include Gen Z and Gen Y as subsets of the Millennials, those born after 1980 – Gen Y being the older group, born between 1980 and the early 1990s. Gen Z is the younger group, born during the mid 1990s and after.

    One of the main differences between Gen Y and Gen Z is the technology they grew up with. Gen Y was raised on desktop then laptop computers, cell phones, and video games. Gen Z is growing up on smart phones, apps, tablets, and gaming. They simply cannot be without their devices.

    You’ll find Gen Z on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, and Pinterest. They love, love, love video. In fact, tweens spend 40+ hours a week online, to communicate, play, share, and shop.

    And when it comes to shopping, Gen Z is a powerful force. They make up 26% of the United States population and are responsible for $200 billion in sales annually, of which $43 billion comes from their own pocket.

    What influences Gen Z to purchase?

    According to’s “TV Programmers, Beware. Here Comes Gen Z and Massive Disruption” “Gen Z likes, trusts, and watches more content from regular people than Hollywood stars. They love authenticity, accessibility and the feeling of connection…”

    Leflein Associates conducted a study in March 2017, with Gen Z respondents 13 – 17. They “were more likely than Millennials to view branded photos, like or share branded content, read product reviews, and tag friends in branded content…Notably, surveyed teens said they would choose to advertise their favorite brand through influencer marketing rather than any other method.”

    “Generation Z is Not Mobile First, It’s Mobile Only” author Adam Meshekow explains, “The shopping experience of a Gen Z member can be boiled down to a few clicks on a mobile device. As Gen Z focuses more and more who they consider to be peers and what their peers will think of their purchases, massive celebrity endorsements are falling out of fashion in favor of micro-influencers on social media platforms.”

    What’s true of these teens is true of tweens as well.

    What does this mean for a brand that wants to engage with Gen Z?

    You need to be where they can find you: online. Gen Z wants to be seen and heard by their peers and they love to share with each other. When it comes to product reviews, Gen Z finds someone who is relatable and real is the most believable and influential.

    That’s why user generated content (UGC) as part of your marketing campaign is a smart strategy. The more genuine the influencer and message, the more resonance it has with Gen Z. The content has to be fresh and appropriate for the platform.

    Do you need help reaching Gen Z?

    If you have a great product for the tween market, you probably do. To reach kids, you need to understand the platforms, the way kids talk to each other, and the legal issues surrounding kid influencers. But that’s not all. To strengthen your reach and influence, have you considered user generated content from the mom blogger community? Imagine the brand-building power of mobilizing the entire influencer family!

    If that sounds like the kind of campaign you want for your product, give KidzVuz a call. We can successfully reach Gen Z because we have unrivaled Gen Z expertise and deep roots in the mom blogger community. With our national network of kid influencers creating product videos that reach millions, and our incomparable mom influencer events, we will bring your product story to life.

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