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  • What Kids Think is Worth Sharing: Traits of Share worthy Content

    How to generate the share worthy content kids will want to share.

    It can’t just be coincidence that the same video pops up all over your social feeds gets people everywhere talking! Videos go viral for a reason. So what makes a video go viral?

    Shareable content usually hits one (or more) of these five sweet spots, according to Jeff Bullas. Highly shareable content…

    • Is valuable and entertaining
    • Definesus to others
    • Grows relationships
    • Achieves self-fulfillment
    • Raises awareness of causes and brands

    These traits of share worthy content hold for adults. But what if you want content that reaches kids? What do kids want in their content? Generation Z expects some of the same traits as adults in their content, but kids have different needs. They want content that…

    Is short

    Kids and teens (OK, and some adults, too) have mega-short attention spans. The most shareable content will be less than three minutes long, and will feature very little written text and mostly pictures, graphics, or videos.

    Is original…but not too original

    Kids want to be trendsetters…but developmentally speaking, they also have a need to fit in. That means finding amazing content that not everyone is watching yet – but that doesn’t deviate too much from the norm. They can then feel comfortable sharing that content, knowing it’s still mainstream enough that they’ll fit in. It’s a fine line that kids understand instinctively.

    Targets just a little over their age group

    Kids want to share content aimed at kids a little older than they are. We call that “aspirational content.” Think about it: when was the last time you saw a toy commercial featuring a kid who was really the right age for the toy? Kids like to see themselves as savvy and older than they are. This desire to be more sophisticated means they want something a little bit beyond their age range.

    Looks great on their smartphones

    Today’s kids are always digitally connected. Most carry smartphones, and they’ll share what they love via their preferred social networks and also on their smartphones and view it with their friends in person.

    Is Relatable

    “To relate with your younger audience, your brand voice needs to understand and empathize with what they are thinking, stressing and talking about,” suggests Entrepreneur. But there’s nothing worse than a brand trying so hard to “relate” to kids that it feels false. Kids know false. They can smell it.

    Unfortunately, many brands talk down to kids. It’s one of the advantages of User Generated Content (UGC), especially from kid influencers. UGC from kidsis by kids for kids – and since they all speak “kid” fluently, it’s bound to resonate.

    Plus, UGC works: User generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than content created and uploaded by the actual brand.

    Is video focused

    Kids love video. Especially videos by kids they can relate to. Videos easily hit the “highly shareable” goal by being short, engaging, fun, original, and trend-setting.

    Plus, kids aren’t just using video more and more in their communications. They’re also creating more of it and sharing their work with their social groups.

    “A recent Pew Internet study found that 37% of 12-17 year olds used video chat, and 27% of them record and upload video─girls as well as boys,” according to Social Media Explorer.

    At KidzVuz, we’re all about giving kids a platform to share what interests them with the rest of the world. If you’d like to find out how you can reach kids through genuine Star Reviewer videos, give us a call, and let us find the perfect kid influencers for your brand.

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