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  • How to attract Gen Z during the post-holiday sales slump.

    Holiday Marketing All Year Long

    Why limit yourself to holiday marketing when the temperatures dip? Follow our tips to maximize your marketing impact and drive sales all year long.

    We all tend to think of the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza season as THE time to sell.  And in general, it’s true.  Everyone’s gifting, everyone’s selling, everyone’s looking that next big thing.  But guess what?  Christmas shopping season isn’t the biggest spending event of the year. According to Prosper Insights & Analytics Monthly Consumer Spending Surveys, in 2017, US consumers spent more per person on Back to College shopping than on the winter holidays. Next in line? Back to School with a hefty $687.72  spent per person.  So how do you benefit from prime shopping events year round?  We’re here to help.

    1. Learn from Experience

    This may seem obvious, but it’s all about the data.  While your marketing strategies and messages will change throughout the year, generally speaking, what works and what doesn’t remains the same.  Analyze the data from your previous holiday campaigns to determine which aspects of them were “gifts” you should repeat, and which you should re-turn. Learn from your mistakes and make sure you’re optimizing and repeating your successes.

    2. Find the Right Fit

    Sure, Back to College is a big spending time, but if you sell pre-school toys, it isn’t for you. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to shoe-horn your product into a holiday marketin niche where it doesn’t belong.  That being said, there are lots of unexpected opportunities for secondary holiday marketing if you

    3. Think out of the Box

    Does your company make bed-sheets?  That’s a clear seller for back to college, but you might think Halloween isn’t your best marketing time.  Think again: a video tutorial marketing campaign for teaching consumers how to make costumes out of sheets may not sell your high-end 600 count sheets, but it sure could get your brand  and logo in front of thousands of consumers hungry for Halloween content, so when they’re next in  the market for sheets, you’re top of mind.

    4. Go Ominichannel

    Gone are the days of choosing one marketing method and sticking with it.  You need to market the same way consumers shop, and nearly 50% of shoppers use four or more touchpoints before making a purchase. At KidzVuz, our videos belong to us, not the creators, which means that you can use them wherever they work for you:  in your newsletter, an online ad, at point of purchase in store or online at most major retailers. There are lots of options – just make sure you’re putting your content and sending out your messaging where it will do the most good.

    If that sounds overwhelming, we’ve got your back.  Our years of expertise and our strategic marketing platform partnerships help you get your marketing messaging out to the most relevant audience:  whether that’s on WalMart’s website, a YouTube video, or a syndicated Instagram post.

    Because it isn’t just reach that matters, it’s relevant reach.

    If you’d like to know more, contact us.  KidzVuz is here to help you meet your Holiday Marketing goals all year long.

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