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  • Developing buyer personas for tweens and teens

    Developing Buyer Personas for Tweens and Teens

    Not all kids are the same. Diving into their different motivators and interests lets you market more effectively.

    Who, what, when, where, how, and why.

    Those are the key questions that need to be answered as you develop your messaging strategy and tactics. Who is your target market? What do they want? When do they want it? Where does your message need to be to reach them? How are you doing to do that? Why do they want what they want?

    What is a persona?

    Buyer, or marketing personas, are detailed, fictionalized – yet reality-based – representations of your ideal customers that will help you drive product development and content creation. When you “know” the person who would be interested in your product, you can share that representation with others in the company so you’re all on the same page. Your joint focus results in more cooperation, better decision-making, and sharper messaging.

    How to develop buyer personas for teens and tweens

    The best buyer personas are based on what you know about your buyers as well as what you know about the general market. The more you know the better. Dig deep. While you might already have some data on your buyers and the market, to develop a robust persona you might want to do additional research to discover insights into what drives your consumers in particular, as well as consumers in that age group. Personas are not one-size-fits-all. Different brands in the same category could well have different personas. You might need to develop several personas to understand your buyers and your target market. You can craft your messaging to satisfy the needs and wants of each persona. There is no doubt that the more personally relevant your brand message is, the more it connects with your target market.

    The teen and tween age group are particularly nuanced. Remember being that age? You were sure grownups didn’t really understand you. They were clueless. And by the time they did maybe, sort of catch on to a trend, you were past it. The same thing is true today, but with the supercharged speed of social media, it’s only more so. What keeps teens and tweens engaged is very different from what kept previous generations engaged at that age, and today’s marketers can’t assume that because they were once that age, they understand. To truly connect with those age groups today, you have to have an up-to-the minute understanding of your buyers’ and potential buyers’ culture, preferences, attitudes, and technology.

    Developing a buyer persona

    In creating your tween or teen persona, give him or her a name that someone in his or her demographic might have, and find a picture of this “person” so the persona become more real, more tangible.

    Based on your research, have the answers to questions such as:

    What do I do for fun?

    Who do I follow on social media and why?

    What content engages me?

    Where do I go to find out about new products? Who do I trust to give me that information?

    How would buying this product make me feel?

    Where do I shop?

    Who else is in my family?

    What does a day or a week in my life look like?

    What are some words and phrases that I use often?

    What are my needs and wants? How does this product satisfy those?

    Review your persona often. Given how quickly tweens’ and teens’ preferences and tastes change, coupled with rapid technological development and innovation, the market is always moving. And you need to keep up if you want to be relevant. Tweens and teens relate to customized experiences, so you have to reach them where, when, and how they want you to.

    Because of our long-term experience marketing to tweens and teens, KidzVuz has the insight and ability to engage your target market. Are you unsure of where to start? We can help!

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