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  • Case Study: Dr. Seuss Halloween Campaign

    A Coordinated Social Media, Blog, and Kid Video Campaign

    KidzVuz’ coordinated social media campaign across the social media landscape reached nearly a million kids, and sent tens of thousands to the product homepages. So how did we do it?

    Every kid is different. But I defy you to find a kid who doesn’t love two things: Dr. Seuss and Halloween. This Halloween, Dr. Seuss wanted to help its licensees promote and build brand awareness of their officially licensed Halloween Costumes. They turned to KidzVuz to create a campaign just in time for Halloween.

    Seuss selected Spirit Halloween, elope and Party City for this initiative. KidzVuz KidzVuz mobilized both parent bloggers from our extensive network and our own kid creators to utilize the power of the entire influencer family. Though a combination of Kid-Created videos and Mom Blog posts about the costumes, we created a campaign that exemplified one of our all-time favorite KidzVuz maxims: “You can’t fake that kind of authenticity.”

    KidzVuz Kid Creators created six videos – two for each licensee – featuring kids wearing and modeling the costumes. We then placed all of those videos on Amazon, Amazon Fire, and Amazon Mobile, where they appear above the written reviews on the product pages of more than 50 related Seuss costumes. Across the Amazon landscape, these videos build both viewership and visibility, all while driving sales conversion at point of purchase.

    Kid Creator Videos Outperformed Every Benchmark

    The videos also appeared in-app on desktop and mobile games through our COPPA compliant ad partner, SuperAwesome. Our KidzVuz videos performed 13% better than the ad-network’s benchmark for Video Completion Rates and 1.5x better than the industry average for CTRs.

    The campaign garnered 800K views across the network and sent 25.5K users to the landing page. That’s a lot of Green Eggs and Ham!

    On the parent-influencer side, KidzVuz Mom Bloggers wrote 21 posts (7 for each licensee) featuring original photos of the costumes, reaching an audience of more than 1.5 million. And social shares only enhanced the visibility of our campaign, with more than 200 shares of the posts and pictures on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

    So why was the campaign so successful?

    Elements of a Successful Campaign:

    • The product lent itself to video:  These costume were, in a word: FANTASTIC!  From elope’s Cat in the Hat Accessory kit, that makes turning into the iconic storybook character as simple as donning a hat, gloves and a bow tie, to the fur trimmed hood of Party City’s Thing One and Thing Two costume, to Spirit Halloween’s Green Eggs and Ham costume — complete with (you guessed it) Green Eggs and Ham — each one was comfy and cute.  Exactly the kind of costume both moms and kids could love.
    • No One Read from a Script – KidzVuz Creators are NEVER scripted.   Their user-generated videos reflect what kids really think because they’re really their thoughts, in their own words.  Audiences know what’s real and what’s not, and they respond to truth.
    • Ads were placed Strategically – Anyone can do an ad-buy. But KidzVuz COPPA compliant ad-partner, SuperAwesome, provides much more than just paid views. Throughout the campaign, SuperAwesome carefully optimizes the performance of each video to ensure it reaches the best marketplace for its audience.
    • Amazon – Some studies have found that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not. Amazon pages are no exception.  Page with videos outperform those without.  They enhance SEO, keep people on the product pages longer, and lead to a higher conversion rate overall.

    The verdict?  A successful campaign for all.

    Are you ready to enhance your campaigns with KidzVuz Kid Creator content coupled with a sophisticated media buying strategy that reaches real kids? Contact us!   As Dr. Seuss himself says: “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good”

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