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    7 Quick Tips for Gen Z Marketing

    Gen Z may be short on years, but they’re huge on influence.

    Generation Z, kids born from the mid 1990s to 2015, makes up the biggest percentage (25.9%) of the US population. Tweens, kids 7-13, a subset of Gen Z, is 20 million strong, has $40 billion is spending power, and influences over $100 billion more.

    These are the first generation of kids who grew up completely in the digital age.  And this distinction has changed the way their parents raise them, and the way they see the world.

    “Before, kids had to fit into the parents’ lifestyle,” according to Adweek. “Now, parents fit their lives around their kids. In many households, lives—social, financial and intellectual—are at a tween level. [As a result], kids get a sense their own judgment is much more valuable and relevant.”

    How can you reach this incredibly influential group?

    Keep it real

    Today’s kids can spot Photoshopped images and insincere testimonials lightning-fast. If they see them, they’ll quickly click onto the next thing. When you reach out to kids, make sure the experience is authentic.

    Know your audience

    Don’t assume you know how to reach tweens. Instead, ask them what you want to know. Do deep dives into research about what’s on their minds and hearts right now.

    For example, did you know that:

    • The average age for getting a first phone is 10.3 years old.
    • 64% of kids have access to the Internet via their own laptop or tablet.
    • 63% of Gen Z wants marketing from real people.
    • 93% of parents say their Gen Z kids influence family spending decisions and household purchases.

    Make your content mobile

    According to Forbes, kids spend 41% of their screen time on their mobile devices. So, make sure that you’re reaching out to tweens through their phones. Make your site easy to navigate on a phone’s small screen, keep the icons big and bright, and make links super-easy to click.

    Keep your content simple

    Simple doesn’t mean simplistic. It just means you don’t clutter it up.  Avoid having too many graphics or overly flowery language. Don’t have lots of forms to fill out or use generic photos to fill up space.

    Tweens like a seamless, easy-get experience.

    Give your audience a voice

    Tweens love to share their opinions. 84% of tweens rely on friends when deciding what to purchase. They want to be able to tell brands about how they experienced a product, what could improve the product, what features they loved or hated, and what they’d like to see in future iterations.

    How do you get their opinions? Ask. Most kids find it validating to be asked their opinions, since so few people bother. Just make sure to keep the questions simple and direct: open-ended questions can be overwhelming.

    For example, don’t ask “What do you like to do in your spare time?”  Instead, ask “Do you play sports, video games, or something else in your spare time?”

    Respect tweens’ parents

    Tweens may like to think they’re completely independent, but they still depend on their parents for rides to places and to make purchases. Plus, while they do wield significant spending power of their own – according to some studies, more than $40 billion – most everyday purchases are still made by their parents. When you reach out to tweens, make sure you do so in a way that’s friendly and open to their parents, too.

    Make videos

    Videos are super-popular with tweens. A whopping 93% of tweens say they use YouTube as their primary source for online searches. Not only do they love video, they also “clustershare.” What’s that? It’s what the Marketing Store dubbed “the act of sharing videos in person while hanging out with friends and family.”

    When you reach out to tweens, keep in mind that the videos will most likely be seen on a mobile device and that tweens will be gathered around the screen, watching together.

    This fun, Internet-savvy generation can be a huge boost – or bust – for any brand. But if you remember not to underestimate their influence and intelligence, you can create memorable content that they’ll want to share for all the right reasons.

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