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Kid Activism Toolkit

Democracy isn’t just for grown ups. After all, kids are citizens, too!  That’s why KidzVuz has joined forced with Feed Our Democracy to create this Kids Are Activists Too! Toolkit.  Here, you’ll find resources to get your kids started along the path of actively participating in the democratic process. Kids can’t vote…yet,  But kid activists have the ability to be heard, to influence others, and to make a difference.  This year alone, thousands of kids showed up for the March For Our Lives and The National School Walkout – both initiatives, incidentally, organized by kids. Being activists doesn’t mean your kids have to be political; kids can be active in helping those less fortunate, helping out after national disasters, or raising awareness about a cause that matters to them like the environment, literacy, or homelessness. Getting your kids used to being active in political and social movements now is a great way to make sure they group up to be productive, compassionate adults. Kids are activists too! For the Littlest Ones: It’s never too early to start encouraging and developing empathy in your kids.  Here are some simple ideas for even the youngest kids. Home Visits. Do you have any older […]
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Holiday Marketing All Year Long

Why limit yourself to holiday marketing when the temperatures dip? Follow our tips to maximize your marketing impact and drive sales all year long. We all tend to think of the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza season as THE time to sell.  And in general, it’s true.  Everyone’s gifting, everyone’s selling, everyone’s looking that next big thing.  But guess what?  Christmas shopping season isn’t the biggest spending event of the year. According to Prosper Insights & Analytics Monthly Consumer Spending Surveys, in 2017, US consumers spent more per person on Back to College shopping than on the winter holidays. Next in line? Back to School with a hefty $687.72  spent per person.  So how do you benefit from prime shopping events year round?  We’re here to help. Learn from Experience This may seem obvious, but it’s all about the data.  While your marketing strategies and messages will change throughout the year, generally speaking, what works and what doesn’t remains the same.  Analyze the data from your previous holiday campaigns to determine which aspects of them were “gifts” you should repeat, and which you should re-turn. Learn from your mistakes and make sure you’re optimizing and repeating your successes. 2. Find the Right Fit Sure, Back to College […]
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Case Study: Dr. Seuss Halloween Campaign

A Coordinated Social Media, Blog, and Kid Video Campaign KidzVuz’ coordinated social media campaign across the social media landscape reached nearly a million kids, and sent tens of thousands to the product homepages. So how did we do it? Every kid is different. But I defy you to find a kid who doesn’t love two things: Dr. Seuss and Halloween. This Halloween, Dr. Seuss wanted to help its licensees promote and build brand awareness of their officially licensed Halloween Costumes. They turned to KidzVuz to create a campaign just in time for Halloween. Seuss selected Spirit Halloween, elope and Party City for this initiative. KidzVuz KidzVuz mobilized both parent bloggers from our extensive network and our own kid creators to utilize the power of the entire influencer family. Though a combination of Kid-Created videos and Mom Blog posts about the costumes, we created a campaign that exemplified one of our all-time favorite KidzVuz maxims: “You can’t fake that kind of authenticity.” KidzVuz Kid Creators created six videos – two for each licensee – featuring kids wearing and modeling the costumes. We then placed all of those videos on Amazon, Amazon Fire, and Amazon Mobile, where they appear above the written […]
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Dr. Seuss: Blog, Social Media, and Kid Creator Campaign

The Challenge: To enhance awareness and drive sales of Dr. Seuss licensed costumes in time for Halloween. The Solution: The Dr. Seuss licensed Halloween costume campaign, featuring costumes for kids and adults by elope, Party City, and Spirit Halloween, went live five weeks before Halloween, leaving plenty of time for holiday shopping. KidzVuz created six videos, two for each licensee, and each licensee chose one of those two to be distributed on our ad partner network, SuperAwesome where they reached nearly a million kids in app, on desktop, and on their mobile devices. Additionally, 21 influencers from KidzVuz Mom Blogger network created and  blog posts featuring original photos that highlighted the family-friendly costumes. KidzVuz placed the videos on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and across hundreds of mobile games through our mobile ad partner.  And the bloggers shared their posts across the digital landscape. Mobile Ad Campaign: KidzVuz placed one video for each licensee on SuperAwesome, our COPPA compliant ad partner, where it outperformed all benchmarks.   The ad campaign sent 25.5K viewers to the product landing pages, and outperformed benchmarks for both CTR (click through rate) and VCR (Video Completion Rate.) KidzVuz placed all of the videos on Amazon, Amazon Fire, […]
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Make it an Experience: Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Gen Z

Connect with Generation Z in a memorable and tangible way Teenagers can be challenging, and Generation Z has proven to be difficult when it comes to marketing. The teen and tween demographic that follows in the footsteps of millennials are savvy digital natives who are unimpressed with the traditional glossy advertising tactics of the past. These “screenagers” use Adblock, fast forward through television commercials, and are wary of obvious sales tactics. They’re also unique as consumers – valuing memories over materials and interaction over influence. They live their lives publicly on social media, but value personal connections. They want to share their thoughts and experiences with their peers and expect a genuine connection before offering brand loyalty. Experiential marketing continues to evolve to meet their needs and has been very effective in doing so. Influence through engagement Brick and mortar retail stores have long lamented the rise of digital brands, finding it hard to compete with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home. However, if they’re willing to reinvent the traditional shopping environment, they actually have quite an advantage, particularly when it comes to younger shoppers. In a world where Gen Z lives a good portion of their […]
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Making Memories that Matter: Your Brand and Gen Z = BFFs Forever with Event Marketing

Invest in event marketing to reach Gen Z Gen Z has been raised with one foot on solid ground, and the other in virtual reality. Tweens and teens are digital natives and have never known life without internet; it’s how they entertain themselves, socialize, and learn. In their world of endless data streams, they’ve developed a discerning eye for what’s “real” – they seek authenticity and a sense of connection, which has forced brands to reevaluate traditional marketing campaigns. Despite their parallel lives in an online world – or perhaps because of it – Gen Z tends to value memories over merchandise. Although they are avid consumers, they place great importance on experiences and emotions. Their preferences for real-life interaction and engagement make Gen Z ideal candidates for successful experiential marketing. Make it memorable Experiential marketing involves creating an innovative, immersive experience for the consumer. Sounds like a lot of work, right? True, but the payoff is huge, especially with younger generations. Forty percent of the global consumer landscape will be comprised of members of Gen Z by the year 2020 – they’re worth the investment. They’re also the best informal brand ambassadors you could ever hope to have; they […]
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Unwrap Holiday Marketing Magic: The Recipe to Reach Tweens, Teens, and Parents

Sep 19, 2018 by Nancy Friedman Comments: 0 Tags: Unwrap Holiday Marketing Magic

Catch the attention of Generation Z and their parents this holiday season The holidays are the busiest time of year for both brands and buyers. Sales soar in November and December, but catching the attention of distracted consumers stretched thin between memory-making, social obligations, and competitive retail offerings can prove challenging. In order to make an impact, brands have to plan ahead and think outside of the [gift] box when it comes to advertising efforts. A combination of influencers, interaction, and online engagement are all part of the winning formula to make marketing magic happen this holiday season. It all adds up The holiday season can account for more than 30 percent of a retailer’s annual sales, making it an essential focus of any effective marketing plan. Retail sales increased 5.5 percent in 2017 compared to the same time period of the year before, exceeding expectations. Innovative marketing ideas have the potential to really pay off. When it comes to advertising products and services aimed at a younger demographic, you have two different audiences who are often at odds with each other: parents and children. The marketing efforts that resonate with parents are very likely to fall flat with their […]
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Experiential Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z is arguably the most tech proficient demographic ever. However, they are also arguably some of the most difficult people to market to.
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Plugged In: Back to School Tech Tips and Trends for Reaching Gen Z

Lazy summer days are coming to an end, and that means the back-to-school shopping rush is in full swing. It’s an important, exciting, and slightly stressful time for buyers and brands alike, but school shopping is a great opportunity to catch the attention of tech-savvy teens. Underestimating the buying power of Gen Z (generally anyone born after 1995) is a grave mistake. Many marketers focus on targeting parents, or the huge Millennial market, but Gen Z is the walking, talking, typing, Instagramming influencers who exert a ton of purchasing pressure on their parents and peers alike. They’re also well-researched, savvy about truth in advertising, and loyal to quality tech brands and the influencers who represent them. A good portion of Gen Z is heading off to college soon, making them extremely influential in the back-to-school shopping market that is legitimately in need of upgraded technology and mobile learning devices. Buying power Gen Z is unique in not only purchasing influence but also in their ability to make and afford independent buying decisions. According to a survey by The Center for Generational Kinetics, nearly 8 out of 10 members of Gen Z earn their own spending money. In terms of percentages, […]
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The ABCs of Gen Z Online: Where the Cool Kids Hang Out

Jul 18, 2018 by Nancy Friedman Comments: 0 Tags: ABCs of Gen Z Online, Cool Kids Hang Out

Social Media has changed the landscape of our everyday lives. From planning purchases to creating communities, who we are, what we do, and when and how we do it all have been drastically altered by our online activity. There’s also a wide range of how people of different age groups use social media; for some generations, it represents a unique digital playground, but for Gen Z, it’s practically their primary residence, and they’ve never known another way of life. Brands trying to market to Gen Z face unique challenges. A is for an audience Due in part to the media’s fascination with Millennials – often depicted as the unruly wild child of generational groups – Gen Z has grown-up quietly in their shadow, but they are beginning to make their presence known. They may not be old enough to make their own purchases, but they are influential in their families purchasing decisions. However, with Gen Z being responsible for $200 billion in sales annually – $43 billion of that coming from their own pocket change (that’s some serious allowance money!) – it’s worth it for brands to pay attention to what holds the interest of these up and coming influencers. […]
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