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  • Real Kids Say the Most Influential Things

    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family. With a national network of Kid Creators generating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    Make it an Experience: Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Gen Z

    Connect with Generation Z in a memorable and tangible way Teenagers can be challenging, and Generation Z has proven to be difficult when it comes to marketing. The teen and tween demographic that follows in the footsteps of millennials are savvy digital natives who are unimpressed with the traditional glossy advertising tactics of the past. These “screenagers” use Adblock, fast forward through television commercials, and are wary of obvious sales tactics. They’re also unique as consumers – valuing memories over materials and interaction over influence. They live their lives publicly on social media, but value personal connections. They want to share their thoughts and experiences with their peers and expect a genuine connection before offering brand loyalty. Experiential marketing continues to evolve to meet their needs and has been very effective in doing so. Influence through engagement Brick and mortar retail stores have long lamented the rise of digital brands, finding it hard to compete with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home. However, if they’re willing to reinvent the traditional shopping environment, they actually have quite an advantage, particularly when it comes to younger shoppers. In a world where Gen Z lives a good portion of their […]

    Kid Creator Video Guide: How YouTube Videos Influence the Shopping Interests of Gen Z

    Tweens and teens turn to product reviews by their peers prior to purchasing As an adult, the fairly recent phenomenon of kids using the internet to watch other kids play – instead of spending that time playing – seems a little strange at first. Unboxing videos, video game streaming, and product reviews on YouTube are tremendously popular among the teens and tweens of Generation Z; they provide both information and entertainment and create homegrown celebrities while almost effortlessly raising brand awareness. As you grow to understand what defines Generation Z, the trend of entertainment via online videos created by their peers makes more sense and becomes a valuable marketing tool for brands interested in engaging this important demographic. Join the conversation in an organic way by learning to speak the language of Gen Z and understand the importance of creating video content that informs and entertains. Getting to know Gen Z Generation Z follows in the footsteps of millennials in terms of demographics, but as a group, they are unique from every other generational group due to differences in upbringing. Tweens and teens have lived their whole lives straddling a virtual world and reality – the internet has always been […]

    Making Memories that Matter: Your Brand and Gen Z = BFFs Forever with Event Marketing

    Invest in event marketing to reach Gen Z Gen Z has been raised with one foot on solid ground, and the other in virtual reality. Tweens and teens are digital natives and have never known life without internet; it’s how they entertain themselves, socialize, and learn. In their world of endless data streams, they’ve developed a discerning eye for what’s “real” – they seek authenticity and a sense of connection, which has forced brands to reevaluate traditional marketing campaigns. Despite their parallel lives in an online world – or perhaps because of it – Gen Z tends to value memories over merchandise. Although they are avid consumers, they place great importance on experiences and emotions. Their preferences for real-life interaction and engagement make Gen Z ideal candidates for successful experiential marketing. Make it memorable Experiential marketing involves creating an innovative, immersive experience for the consumer. Sounds like a lot of work, right? True, but the payoff is huge, especially with younger generations. Forty percent of the global consumer landscape will be comprised of members of Gen Z by the year 2020 – they’re worth the investment. They’re also the best informal brand ambassadors you could ever hope to have; they […]

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