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  • Why Talking “Kid” Never Works

    Learning a new language is difficult. If you’re trying to master talking “kid,” don’t.

    Have you ever tried talking “kid” to a kid and gotten that frown and eye roll of disgust and disbelief in response? You just know what they’re thinking. “Really? Really? You sound ridiculous talking to me like that. So fake. Stop it.” The result of you attempting to talk “kid” is that the kids tune out.

    If you have a brand with a great kids’ product, be it a toy, tech, entertainment, or books, you want kids to know all about it. You don’t want to talk down to them. You realize that you need to talk to kids on their level, in their language. How is that best done?

    Gen Z doesn’t care about your work experience. They don’t care if you have an MBA. They don’t care if you have the finest advertising or public relations agency diligently working on your creative and have spent days and nights selecting the perfect talent and toiling over every word and scene of your carefully crafted spot.

    What they do care about is the product and who is promoting it. Is it something they would love? Says who?

    Gen Z is positive, upbeat, curious, creative, interactive, and eager to share what they know and love. They have money and want to spend it. Gen Z is responsible for $200 billion in sales annually, $43 billion of which comes from their own pocket.

    And when it comes to new products, what kids – and the majority of people – find really valuable is an honest and enthusiastic endorsement from a peer, someone who looks and sounds a lot like they do. Someone who they can believe and trust. Not some smooth-talking actor whose obvious goal is selling the product. What works for Gen Z is hearing from a kid who’s relatable and is sharing their authentic and enthusiastic product experience. And they love videos. (A whopping 93% of tweens say they use YouTube as their primary source for online searches.)

    User Generated Content is what really gets Gen Z’s attention. So for your brand message to be most effective, you need real kids, relatable kids, with real experience with the brand to discuss and demonstrate relevant information. Kid reviewers who have used the product, who in their own style and in their own words, can share their excitement about your brand.

    So instead of trying to learn a new language, work with someone already fluent in it. Because when kids speak, kids listen.

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