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  • The Real Deal: Why User Generated Content Works

    UGC offers consumers the story they want to hear.

    User Generated Content (UGC for short) works because consumers are more active and influential marketing and advertising participants than ever before. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other social media venues, influencers go out of their way to become connected to products and services that they consider worthy of praise and patronage.

    It is common knowledge that humans—adults and kids—have an innate desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Researchers have determined there are four components to making people feel part of a viable community:

    1. Membership: satisfies the human need to belong, gather knowledge, and understand one’s self through social comparison, social identity, and achieve goals that would not be attainable working solo.
    2. Influence: trust and connection are the cornerstones of influence. Therefore, it’s really the next step up from membership. Once a person is a credible and integrated part of a group, it is only natural for them to seek to use these qualities to guide, direct, and impact other group members.
    3. Fulfillment: every group has requirements and desires. Fulfilling these needs and wants becomes the mission and objective of the influencer.
    4. Shared Emotional Bond: when the group is fulfilled, a stronger emotional bond is created between members of the group, and they are more apt to rely on one another’s suggestions and opinions in the future.

    This is why UGC is the Real Deal—it is a story people want to hear. It comes across as what it is—the truth, rather than a marketing ploy.

    These days, consumers actively block ads and promotions, and turn instead to platforms like Netflix and YouTube –clicking through opening advertisements to get to the content. UGC is not advertisement – it’s authentic peer-to-peer content. Consumers are more likely to view product information if it is recommended by a friend, or a like-minded parent, kid, or teacher, to name a few.

    Not convinced? Here are five impressive stats regarding UGC:

    • UGC gets 10x the YouTube views of brand-generated content. It’s no wonder teen-chef Rosanna Pansino, teen-make-up brand reviewer Daisy Marquez, and video game reviewer Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw are rich, famous, and have a legion of faithful followers.
    • Most consumers seek out user reviews online before making a purchase. Moviegoer reviews are more trusted these days than critic reviews.
    • Brand engagement increases significantly when consumers are exposed to a combination of UGC and professional content. It’s getting both sides of the story.
    • Millennials are more influenced by UGC than any other group of consumers. Millennial moms are the most UGC-driven consumer in that group.
    • Nearly half of all consumers learn about new products and services via UGC.

    Ultimately, UGC works because it’s all about how we relate to one another. There’s no “talking down” or “talking to” – it’s just “talking with.” And when we’re talking about something important to us, we want to tell the world.

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