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    Five Tips for Creating Awesome Alexa Skills for Kids

    Mar 14, 2018 by Nancy Friedman 0 comments Tags: alexa skills

    Keep it fresh, simple, and surprising. The digital home assistant is quickly joining the family dog as an indispensable member of the modern household. Leading the field is Amazon’s Alexa, a product with thousands of feature – known as skills – that imbue everyday life with useful and entertaining functionality. In 2017, skills for kids made their debut and have become a fast-growing segment of Alexa’s offerings. While anyone can create a skill, here are some useful tips to remember when venturing down the Alexa path.  1.  Keep it simple Before you begin, start with a basic question: how will this skill benefit your audience, particularly kids? Does it make a task or chore easier? Does it provide surprise and delight in your child’s day that he or she couldn’t get from another source? And does it take a voice-first approach – is your child’s voice the easiest way to accomplish this task, play this game, or enjoy this special moment? Your next task is to put yourself in the mind of the child sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch. Think through how they will interact with Alexa, how they will navigate from one step to the […]READ MORE

    Working With Kids: How Not to Create a PR Nightmare

    In today’s technologically driven world, the smallest publicity mistake can cause an electric shock across the world and through your business. And when kids are involved, the sensitivity and associated risks are even greater. Organizations that advertise toward kids are put under a microscope and are monitored by laws like the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act and guidelines from organizations such as the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, a self-regulatory program regarding what ad content kids see. These rules and restrictions are rightfully put in place to protect what our children are exposed to. Kids are, by definition, emotionally inexperienced and may not be as capable as adults at distinguishing content from advertising. But for the brands marketing to, or working with kids, one misstep can create a chain of irreversible consequences. Brands must walk the fine line between providing children with authentic and engaging content while also making it crystal clear that the content is sponsored – not just because of fear of advocacy groups, but to maintain an authentic and ethical brand that the children can grow with and their parents can trust. Even kid influencers can pose problems, with more investigations into the parents of the child […]READ MORE

    The Fine Line Between Curated UGC and Talking Heads

    What KidzVuz does and how we do it. When it comes to shopping, Gen Z is a powerful force. They make up 26% of the United States population and are responsible for $200 billion in sales annually, of which $43 billion comes from their own pockets. You’ve heard how powerful kids’ UGC is. You know that Gen Z are watchers, rather than readers, and they love, love, love videos. An amazing 93% of tweens say they use YouTube, and user-generated videos on YouTube get 10 times more viewers than brand-generated content. Gen Z wants to be seen and heard by their peers and they love to share with each other. When it comes to product reviews, Gen Z finds someone who is relatable and real to be the most believable and influential. Rebecca and I often get asked about what KidzVuz does to create great kids’ UGC, so thought we’d devote today’s blog to talking a bit about what we do and how we do it. All real, all time One of our core values at KidzVuz is “No Jazz Hands.” What we mean by that is nothing inauthentic. Our user generated content is truly user generated: we don’t tell […]READ MORE

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