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    Echo Dot Kids Edition: Can Your Brand Benefit?

    May 16, 2018 by Nancy Friedman 0 comments Tags: Brand Benefit

    Discover whether Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition is the right marketing tool for your brand “Hey, Alexa!”  If that’s the soundtrack to your morning, you won’t be surprised that to learn that Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the form of Amazon’s cloud-based smart device Alexa, has put the e-commerce giant in the forefront of voice technology. Their newest product, the Echo Dot Kids Edition, specifically targets a younger audience, which has many brands wondering whether this product can become a viable marketing tool to reach the highly profitable Gen Z market. Are the Echo Dot and Echo Dot Kids Edition too similar? While the basic framework and hardware of the Echo Dot and the Kids Edition are the same, the kids’ version does have some attractive features and benefits for parents and kids: Colorful protective case Two-year warranty Free, one-year subscription to the FreeTime Unlimited Family Plan A “magic word” option that provides positive reinforcement when kids use polite words and phrases like “please” when they talk to the Echo Dot (We don’t know about brands, but parents will love this one!) Technology that accounts for younger, higher-pitched voices and that’s programmed to recognize mispronunciations of “Alexa” The inclusion of FreeTime […]READ MORE

    Gen Z is Changing the Way Everyone Does Business: Is Your Business Ready to Keep Up?

    Four ways to reach Gen Z. First, mainstream marketing targeted the Baby Boomers. Next came Generation X, followed by the Millennials. While some mainstream marketing is still focused on the Millennial generation, it is time for the tide to turn to the newest generation – Generation Z. Though Millennials first started to shift marketers focus, Gen Z is revolutionizing the way people do business. They’re still young, between the ages of 12 and 20, but Gen Z has already amassed $29 to $143 billion in direct spending and is expected to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020. And while Gen Z may have similarities with Millennials, marketers have begun to shift their attention and focus on new marketing channels to keep pace with this emerging generation. Here are some strategies for getting started. Project a socially-responsible approach For the most part, all generations have had a cause. Baby Boomers spearheaded an anti-establishment revolution while Millennials wanted to save the planet. Millennials focus on “going green” forced businesses to establish environmental programs and processes (like electric cars and organic foods) to attract the eco-friendly generation. For Gen Z, at least in the short-term, their sense of social responsibility […]READ MORE

    The Kids Who Make It Possible: Meet the KidzVuz Kid Creators

    Getting further inside the minds of Gen Z with interviews of our Kid Creators. Around this time last year, we decided to flip the script on our Kid Creators. Rather than watching them do kid video interviews, we decided to interview four amazing KidzVuz Kid Creators ourselves. The feedback was so well received that we decided to do another round again this year. We sat down with three additional Kid Creators to tell us a little about themselves and their responses provided even more insight on who Gen Z is and what they’re interested in. Meet KidzVuz Kid Creator Diane Diane joined the KidzVuz family in 2016 and is the daughter of one of our KidzVuz Mom Bloggers. Diane plays an integral part in allowing us to provide entire influencer family services to brands. Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese Favorite School Subject: Science Least Favorite School Subject: Math Family: I have 4 brothers Pets: I have one sweet dog One Word to Describe Her: Friendly Who She Follows on Social Media: I follow Stacy says, Daily Bumps, and SmellyBellyTV. One Super Power She Wishes She Had: I would like to have the ability to be invisible. Celebrity She’d Like […]READ MORE

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