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    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family.

    With a national network of Kid Creators generating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    Unwrap Holiday Marketing Magic: The Recipe to Reach Tweens, Teens, and Parents

    Catch the attention of Generation Z and their parents this holiday season The holidays are the busiest time of year for both brands and buyers. Sales soar in November and December, but catching the attention of distracted consumers stretched thin between memory-making, social obligations, and competitive retail offerings can prove challenging. In order to make an impact, brands have to plan ahead and think outside of the [gift] box when it comes to advertising efforts. A combination of influencers, interaction, and online engagement are all part of the winning formula to make marketing magic happen this holiday season. It all adds up The holiday season can account for more than 30 percent of a retailer’s annual sales, making it an essential focus of any effective marketing plan. Retail sales increased 5.5 percent in 2017 compared to the same time period of the year before, exceeding expectations. Innovative marketing ideas have the potential to really pay off. When it comes to advertising products and services aimed at a younger demographic, you have two different audiences who are often at odds with each other: parents and children. The marketing efforts that resonate with parents are very likely to fall flat with their […]

    How to Reach Gen Z: Word of Mouth Marketing with Teens and Tweens

    3 ways to get Gen Z talking about your  Gen Z represents a new frontier in marketing. Gone are the days of catchy taglines and cartoon mascots. Teens and tweens are savvy and discerning consumers of digital content, skeptical of messages delivered by big brands. These digital natives trust their peers over celebrity spokespeople, and value user-generated content over glossy advertising campaigns. So, how can you meet them where they’re at, without being rejected as an intruder? Know your audience The influence of teens and tweens is unprecedented; Gen Z is responsible for $200 billion in sales annually, with $43 billion of that coming from their own pockets. These so-called “screenagers” live a good portion of their lives through social media, with an average of 40 hours a week spent online. Their sphere of influence is also broader than ever, and their potential peer group is limitless thanks to platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Generally, they prefer to create and consume content for their peers and by their peers, making purchasing decisions based on product reviews and unboxing videos rather than traditional advertising. All of this makes them easier – and harder – to reach than ever […]

    The Gift of Experience: How Retailers Can Make Holiday Shopping an Interactive Event

    Event ideas to bring Gen Z and their Parents back to brick and mortar this holiday season As social creatures who are constantly seeking entertainment, Gen Z will always be eager for unique interactions. The key to attracting holiday shoppers – both Genz and their parents – is not to sell them a product, but to offer them an experience. The internet can help you do just that – whether it’s through advertising your event or being a crucial component in implementing your idea. Check out: New ideas So, the bad news is that what you’re already offering in terms of store stock may no longer be enough to draw a crowd; the silver lining here is the opportunity to innovate. Brainstorming original ideas, creating interactive experiences, and hosting unique events adds momentum to your marketing plan. Keeping your customers engaged has benefits beyond the initial draw, too. Consumers who appreciate an activity are less likely to pay close attention to cost and are likely to spend more time browsing. Gen Zers who have enjoyed an interactive event is also more likely to share their experience with their network via social media, resulting in even more exposure for your brand. […]

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