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  • Real Kids Say the Most Influential Things

    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family.

    With a national network of kid influencers creating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    Why the Smartest Brands Aren’t Infected With Viral Fever

    Gen Z responds to content that’s real, and they have no patience for brands who try too hard. Since the first UGC video collected millions of views almost overnight, “going viral” has become the Holy Grail of marketing campaigns. And it is understandable why millions of shares, tons of attention, and widespread brand recognition sounds appealing. Viral videos have one thing in common: they evoke an over-the-top reaction. And whatever that reaction is – funny, upsetting, inspiring, offensive – it’s so strong that viewers click the share button, sending the video through social media, content sharing websites, and news organizations to a ravenous audience. A crystal ball can’t predict what goes viral But here’s the problem: Companies can’t make something go viral. No matter how awesome your content or how strategically it’s distributed, it’s almost impossible to predict what will catch the attention of the viewing public. YouTube’s top 10 trending videos of 2017 are a marketing dream, with more than 633 million views and 40 million hours of viewing time. But even a crystal ball can’t predict the random line-up that topped the charts: a singing man in an oyster costume, a guy showing off ping-pong tricks, and the […]READ MORE

    Life After Toys “R” Us: The Future of Toy Sales in a Digital Marketplace

    Amazon, YouTube, and social media pave the path to the future. In March of this year, parents and kids alike mourned the passing of industry pioneer Toys “R” Us. The former toy leviathan announced it would close all stores after a prolonged struggle with debt and increased competition from Amazon and Walmart. With the once-mighty retail ruler now toppled from its throne, toy companies face an uncertain future, marked by an increasingly fragmented marketplace and numerous new channels with which to reach their audience. Why did Toys “R” Us fail? Before we gaze toward the horizon in hopes of a better future, it’s worth a brief look back to see how we got here. There are three main factors that contributed to the Toys R Us’ demise, all of which are indicative of the reality facing nearly every retailer today. Dominance of the “e-retailer.” Online shopping has increased in popularity, and e-retailers like Amazon dominate the digital marketplace. From books to groceries, the online mammoth has disrupted industry after industry, and the toy industry is no exception. It didn’t help matters that, by its own admission, Toys “R” Us had a vastly inferior web portal. Crushing debt load. The company […]READ MORE

    7 Tips for Incorporating Paid Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business

    Why businesses should pay to promote social media posts. For businesses, social media is a great way to engage and form relationships with current and potential customers. It allows you to connect with people more authenticly for free. Or at least it used to be. “In their continuing effort to capture user attention and increase time spent online, the social media networks (particularly Facebook) have again altered their approach to what they’re pushing out on timelines,” according to ContentBacon. What does this mean for your social media marketing efforts? On Facebook, the content that shows up on a user’s feed is selected using a complex algorithm. The algorithm decides what a user wants to see based on his or her profile, friends, likes, and preferences. For businesses, this means a user can “like” their page, but it doesn’t necessarily mean their posts will show up in that user’s feed. It means fewer likes, shares, and opportunities for organic growth. It’s a problem that continues to get worse. According to, “… Facebook posts from brand pages saw a 20% decline in engagement just since January 2017.” Why you need paid social media advertising The solution for many companies is to […]READ MORE

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