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  • Real Kids Say the Most Influential Things

    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family.

    With a national network of Kid Creators generating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    The Rise of Kid Influencers

    With billions of people on their mobile devices every year, the fastest way to get an audience’s attention is to step up your vlog game and become an influencer. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest and fastest growing areas of advertising, with financial forecasts predicting that influencers – including kid creators – will be responsible for over $5 billion in sales by next year. But why are kids so interested in becoming social media influencers? There are several reasons. Surprisingly, even though compensation is a huge draw for some kid influencers, money was lower on the list of motivations, ranking behind things like self-expression and fame. Even if kid influencers don’t see financial compensation as a huge draw, brands have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this toy-unboxing, youth-fueled wave of advertising. How can brands unbox this opportunity? Just as a large percentage of Gen Z is no longer interested in pursuing traditional careers, companies have ditched their standard, broadcast-based marketing strategies. Instead, smart brands have shifted their marketing dollars from TV commercials or print ads to social media, specifically kid influencers. Be open to change. Brands who want to engage kid influencers must be open […]

    Marketing to Gen Z: The Future is Mobile and Video is King

    Video marketing is the way of the future. If you’re not doing it, you’re falling behind. As Gen Z grows in size and purchasing power, businesses are quickly realizing that marketing to Gen Z requires a different approach. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that brands need to completely abandon their traditional approach, they will need to rethink where they’re distributing their content. To get the attention of Gen Zers, marketers will need to take their video content beyond the television screen and instead focus on getting online. The online video approach has been gaining in popularity for years but has yet to reach its peak potential. By 2020, online videos are expected to make up approximately 85% of consumer Internet traffic in the US and over 80% worldwide. If your brand isn’t already leveraging the power of online video marketing to target Gen Z, then you’re falling behind the competition. Preparing for a mobile future Let’s face it, traditional television is on its way out. More and more consumers are going to their mobile devices in search of the latest content, avoiding ads and commercials whenever possible. In the case of Gen Z, research has found that this generation can switch […]

    A Tale of Two Generations: The Difference Between Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials

    While both Millennials and Gen Z are tech savvy, they each respond to different marketing techniques Are you struggling to market to today’s young consumers? If so, it might be because you’re lumping two completely different target audiences into a single persona. While it’s easy to think Millennials and Gen Z want the same things from the brands they buy from—“They’re all online!”—nothing could be further from the truth. What’s cool to a 30-year-old Millennial just won’t be the same as what a Gen-Zer half her age would find cool. So let’s take a look at what makes these young generations so different and why that matters when you’re marketing to them. Gen Z: immediacy, not loyalty Gen Z consumers are less likely than their generational predecessors to care about loyalty programs. They view themselves as independent and want to make decisions on a case by case basis. If they like something, they are more likely than Millennials to buy right now. They are also more likely to go check out a product they want in the store as opposed to buying it online. Most Gen Zers don’t have access to credit yet, which means that brands have a chance […]

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