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  • Real Kids Say the Most Influential Things

    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family.

    With a national network of kid influencers creating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    The YouTube Effect: Ups and Downs of YouTube Kid Superstars

    The YouTube star power of real kids. You have a great product, and have spent and a lot of time and money in its development. You’ve worked hard, planning every aspect, and you want your product noticed by the millions of kids who would love it. You know UGC is a powerful marketing tool for your brand, and you’re ready to dive right in, shoot those videos, and blast them up to YouTube. After all, 93% of tweens say they use YouTube, and UGC on YouTube gets 10 times more viewers than brand-generated content. What is it about some kids that make them huge superstars on YouTube and social media? Influencer marketing works overall because people listen to their peers. Adults take the advice of adults. Kids listen to kids. They have credibility. That’s why UGC is so meaningful and effective. YouTube superstars resonate with their kid viewers, and seem to always be on the cutting-edge of trends and products. But how they’ve gotten to that point of online stardom isn’t always as viral or organic as it may seem. The downside to diving into UGC It may be tempting to try to find and recruit kids to create UGC […]READ MORE

    User Generated Content Can’t Be the Only Tool in Your Marketing Strategy Toolbox

    UGC is incredibly important, but you need a multi-faceted approach to connect with this powerful group. Move over Millennials, Generation Z – ages 19 and under – currently makeup over a quarter of the American population, and by 2020, Gen Z is projected to make up 40% of all consumers. Marketers and businesses are moving quickly to understand, and engage, this growing generation. Gen Z is the first generation that has had access to the Internet, and social media, throughout their entire lives, and this has encouraged them to focus on and express their individuality. Gen Z expects the brands and products they use to match and be a part of, that identity. Because of that, attracting Generation Z requires brands to develop a level of trust with them, largely through being honest and open about their company and products. The most popular strategy for conveying that authenticity and marketing to Gen Z is user-generated content (UGC). Though it’s important to incorporate UGC into your marketing plan, there is no single tactic that can carry the full weight of your expectations. Your marketing strategy should be multi-faceted, incorporating some of the following tactics. UGC: Attract Gen Z by letting them participate […]READ MORE

    Get to Know Gen Z with Our 2017 Blog Recap

    Feb 07, 2018 by KidzVuz 0 comments

    There is a lot to learn about marketing to Gen Z, the first generation of digital natives. They love video and they relate to authentic content delivered by peers. In other words, User Generated Content influences their purchase decisions like nothing else can. If you aren’t where they are looking to learn about new products, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. To help you learn more about Gen Z and how to connect with them, we’ve pulled together our top 2017 blogs into one handy resource here. And be sure to follow our blog in 2018 for more insights and tips for marketing your brand to this powerful group of shoppers. Gen Z Insights Why Talking “Kid” Never Works What Does Influence Mean Anyway? Kids & Social Media: What Are the Traits of Shareable Kid Content? How Kid Influencers Affect Families Generation Z: Why You Need to Understand Post-Millennials Gen Z Influences Much More Than Toy Purchases Gen Z and the Customized Experience Gen Z Marketing  What Smart Marketers are Planning for 2018 Toys That Have Stood the Test of Time Three Traits of Awesome User-Generated Content for Tweens 7 Quick Tips for Gen Z Marketing 2017 Holiday Trends […]READ MORE

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