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  • Real Kids Say the Most Influential Things

    KidzVuz combines our unrivaled Gen Z expertise and our deep roots in the mom blogger community to mobilize the entire influencer family.

    With a national network of Kid Creators generating product videos that reach millions, and incomparable live influencer events, we bring your story to life.


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    The ABCs of Gen Z Online: Where the Cool Kids Hang Out

    Social Media has changed the landscape of our everyday lives. From planning purchases to creating communities, who we are, what we do, and when and how we do it all have been drastically altered by our online activity. There’s also a wide range of how people of different age groups use social media; for some generations, it represents a unique digital playground, but for Gen Z, it’s practically their primary residence, and they’ve never known another way of life. Brands trying to market to Gen Z face unique challenges. A is for an audience Due in part to the media’s fascination with Millennials – often depicted as the unruly wild child of generational groups – Gen Z has grown-up quietly in their shadow, but they are beginning to make their presence known. They may not be old enough to make their own purchases, but they are influential in their families purchasing decisions. However, with Gen Z being responsible for $200 billion in sales annually – $43 billion of that coming from their own pocket change (that’s some serious allowance money!) – it’s worth it for brands to pay attention to what holds the interest of these up and coming influencers. […]

    4 Ways Brands Can Incorporate Video in Their Social Marketing Plan

    New generation, new possibilities Gen Z provides marketers with a whole lot of new opportunities and plenty of challenges. They’re just as tech savvy as Millennials (if not more so), and they spend much of their time online for entertainment and new products to buy. However, Gen Z can prove challenging to reach even on social media. By leveraging the power of video marketing, you can easily reach this demographic. Know which platforms to use Most social media platforms accommodate text, image, and video content, but the best way to attract Gen Z is through video content. In fact, 71 % of Gen Z uses YouTube for watching videos. But “video” can mean a lot of things. Each platform has its own best practices on how and when to use videos to your advantage. For example, videos on most platforms should range anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. However, on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat 10 to 15 seconds is the perfect length, particularly if you want to get Gen Z’s interest. Because approximately 9 out of 10 of Gen Zers watch videos on a smartphone and share videos with their network, it’s a good idea to make sure your […]

    Summertime Is the Perfect Time to Launch Your Video Marketing Strategy

    The summer season doesn’t have to be a sales slump for your company. In fact, it can be an opportunity. You might think that Gen Z buys fewer products during the summer months, resulting in the infamous “summer slump.” Generally, this is true – but don’t despair. Marketers have a unique opportunity to reach Gen Z during the summer. Summer can be a great time to reach Gen Z Gen Z spends most of the fall, winter, and spring in school. This leaves Gen Z without their internet-compatible devices during the school day. Summer is an entirely different story. While Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers are busy working, driving across country for vacation, or tending to their families, Gen Z has a new window of time to check out the latest toys, games, and gadgets as well as watch plenty of videos online. This is a golden opportunity to promote the brand that you likely won’t get during any other season. With the right strategy, brands can thrive during the summer months because of the consumer habits of Gen Z – or more appropriately, their parents on their behalf. According to Life Hacker, by the end of the second quarter […]

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